Expression of the Week

Ok-sook: 어머, 세상에.
My goodness.
애들 엄마 한복이 화사하게 너무 잘 어울린다.
You look radiant in hanbok.
Mi-jung: 정말요?
Ok-sook: 그럼, 내가 빈말하는 거 봤어?
Have you ever seen me tell a lie?

내가 예쁘다면 예쁜 거야.
When I say you’re pretty, I mean it.

내가 빈말하는 거 봤어? (Have you ever seen me tell a lie?)

내 – I, me
가 – marker
빈말 – empty words, lies
하다 – to do
보다 – to see
~하는 거 보다 – to see someone do~
~봤어? – casual past tense question form of [보다]

Casual – 내가 빈말하는 거 봤어?
Semi-polite – 내가 빈말하는 거 봤어요? / 제가 빈말하는 거 봤어요?
Polite- 제가 빈말하는 거 보셨어요?

>> a rhetorical question in this case, meaning “I don’t say things unless I mean them” – similar to “would I lie?”

>> [빈말] does not always translate to “a lie” – the word describes saying something without really meaning it

>> [빈말이라도 고맙다] or [빈말이라도 고마워요] means “thank you, even if you don’t really mean it.”