Expression of the Week

Mi-sook: 호태는 말도 못하게 예민해서
Ho-tae was indescribably sensitive
병원에 들어서는 순간부터 울기 시작해갖고,
So he would start to cry the moment we enter a hospital.
내가 걔 데리고 다니면 창피해서 정말 고생 많이 했다?
I had such a hard time with him because he’d embarrass me.
Sun-yeong: 정말요? 준아, 아빠 울보였대.
Really? Jun, apparently your dad was a crybaby.

아빠 울보였대 (Apparently your dad was a crybaby.)

아빠 – dad
울보 – crybaby, someone who cries easily and a lot
이다 – to be
~였대 – casual past tense reported speech form

Casual – 아빠 울보였대
Polite – 아빠 울보였대요

>> subject marker is omitted
-> 아빠가 울보였대 or 아빠는 울보였대 are also acceptable

>> [~였대/~이었대] may be translated as “they say that something/one was~”; “it is said that something/one was~”; “I heard that something/one was~”; or “apparently something/one was~”

>> [~였대/~이었대] are often used when gossiping

>> [울보] does not only refer to a baby who cries a lot, but someone who’s particularly emotional and breaks down in tears easily as well.