Expression of the Week

Dong-sook: 이거를 말씀을 드려야 하나 말아야 하나 고민했었어요.
I debated whether I should tell you this or not.
저기 이렇게 돌려서 꾹 좀 눌러쓰세요.
Turn it a bit and lower it more.
이렇게 돌려서 꾹! 꾹이요.
Turn it this way, and pull it down lower.
물이 너무 안 좋아.
This place’s an eyesore.

물이 너무 안 좋아 (This place’s an eyesore.)

물 – water
이 – marker
너무 – too, excessively
안 – negation
좋다 – to be good
~좋아 – casual statement form of [좋다]

Casual – 물이 너무 안 좋아 / 물이 너무 안 좋다
Semi-polite – 물이 너무 안 좋아요

>> [물이 좋다] is an idiom
- 물이 좋다 – there are a lot of good-looking people
- 물이 안 좋다 – there are no good-looking people

>> [거기 물 좋아?] means “Is there a lot of good looking people there?”
- [응, 여기 물 좋아] means “Yes, there’s a lot of good looking people here.”
- [아니, 물이 너무 안 좋아] means “No, this place is an eyesore.”