Expression of the Week

Sam-do: 다음 주부터 동진이가 월계수 양복점에 출근할 겁니다.
Starting next week, Dong-jin will work here at Wolgyesu Tailor Shop.
Sun-nyeo: 동진씨가?
Dong-jin will?
Geumchon Daek: 동진이가?
Yeon-sil: 말도 안 돼.
No way.

말도 안 돼 (No way)

말 – words
도 – additive particle meaning “also” or “even”
안 – negation
되다 – to be, to become
말이 안 되다 – idiom to not make sense

Casual – 말도 안 돼
Semi-polite – 말도 안 돼요
Formal – 말도 안 됩니다

>> may be used as an exclamation of shock or disbelief

>> may be used as a statement expressing shock or disbelief, or protesting against something unreasonable

>> [말이 안 되는~] or [말도 안 되는~] may be used as an adjective clause describing something incredible or unbelievable:
ex. 말도 안 되는 가격! -> Incredible price!