Expression of the Week

Hyo-sang: 미안해서 어쩌지. 오늘 약속은 못 지키겠는데.
I’m so sorry. I don’t think I can make it today.
Ji-yeon: 왜요? 회사에 무슨 일 있어요?
What’s wrong? Did something happen at work?
Hyo-sang: 엄마가 아프셔 가지고 집에 좀 일찍 들어가봐야 할 것 같아.
Mom’s sick, so I think I should go home a bit early.
Ji-yeon: 많이 편찮으세요?
Is she alright?

많이 편찮으세요? (Is she alright?)

많이 – much, a lot
편찮다 – (honorific) to be sick, to be ill
~편찮으세요? Polite question form of [편찮다]

Casual – 많이 편찮으셔?
Polite – 많이 편찮으세요?

>> literally means “is she very ill?”  essentially asking if the patient is alright

>>>> if the patient is younger than the speaker, one may use the verb [아프다] instead
ex. 많아 아파? / 많이 아파요?