Expression of the Week

Hyo-won: 강태양씨, 저녁 약속 있어요?
Mr. Kang, do you have dinner plans?
Tae-yang: 아니요, 없습니다.
No, I don’t.
Hyo-won: 잘 됐다.

잘 됐다 (Good)

잘되다 – come out all right, pay off, go well(fine, smoothly), turn out well

Casual – 잘됐다.
Polite – 잘됐어요.

>> [잘되다] is an expression that is used to express that something has been done right, or something went well and ended in a desirable way

>>the opposite expression would be [잘못되다] which means something has gone wrong

>>Depending on the context, [잘됐다] can be used sarcastically to mean someone “deserves what they get,” or “serves them right.”