Expression of the Week

Yeon-sil: 더 험한 꼴 당하기 전에 얼른 집에 가세요.
Hurry and go home before you get into anything worse.
Dong-jin: 혼자 놔두고 내가 어떻게 가요?
How could I leave you alone?
Yeon-sil: 괜찮아요.
It’s okay.

괜찮아요. (It’s okay.)

괜찮다 – adjective meaning all right; fine as in having no particular problems

Casual – 괜찮아.
Polite – 괜찮습니다.

>> pronounced [괜찬타]

>>[괜찮아요] can also be used as a question to ask if someone is doing alright in a casual way.

>>[괜찮아요] can also mean “okay” as in “good quality.” For example, “저 식당 괜찮아요” can mean “that restaurant is pretty good (in taste or quality).”