Expression of the Week

Ji-yeon: 다음부터는 주의할게요, 어머니.
I’ll be careful next time, mother.
Eun-sook: 어머님 소리가 어쩜 저렇게 입에 척척 붙어.
You say mother so easily.
Hyo-sang: 이야, 두 미녀분이 서로 마주 앉아 있는 모습 보기 좋습니다.
Wow, it’s wonderful to see two beautiful ladies sitting together.

보기 좋습니다 (it’s wonderful to see)

보다 – to see
좋습니다 – a very polite form for 좋다 which means good, great or excellent

Casual – 보기 좋아요.
Polite – 보기 좋습니다.

>>[verb+기] nominalizes any verb, so the verb보다 has been turned into a noun. The form is similar to how gerunds are formed in the English language.

>> [보기 좋다] can also meaning to be good looking as in handsome or pretty

>>popular Korean idiom [보기 좋은 떡이 먹기에도 좋다] literally means [a rice cake that looks good also tastes good]. It means there are times when appearances are also important.