Expression of the Week

Tae-yang: 나는 이 다음에 효원씨가 나이 먹어서 사모님처럼 된다면
사랑스러울 것 같아요.
If Hyo-won becomes like you when she gets older,
I think she’d be lovely.
Eun-sook: 뭘 사랑스럽기까지야.
Tae-yang: 아무 일 없다니 안심하고 공부할게요.
I’ll get back to my studies.
Eun-sook: 열공하세요. 파이팅.
Study hard. I’m rooting for you.

파이팅 (I’m rooting for you.)

파이팅 – an interjection, a battle cry, an expression used to give encouragement or to provide cheer

Casual – 파이팅

>> comes from the English word “fighting”

>>this expression is often used in sports to cheer for an athlete or a team
>>usage example: 끝까지 힘내라. 파이팅! [Do your best until the end. You can do it!]