Expression of the Week

연실: 어제는 속상했죠?
You were upset yesterday, weren’t you?
기표씨 어머니한테 막말도 듣고.
Gi-pyo’s mom was very rude.
동진: 뭐 안 힘들었다면 거짓말인데.
I’d be lying if I said it was nothing, but.
신경 쓰지 말아요.
Don’t worry about it.

신경 쓰지 말아요. (Don’t worry about it.)

신경 – care or concern
신경 쓰다 – to care
말아요 – used for commands meaning “don’t”

Casual – 신경 쓰지 말아요.
Polite – 신경 쓰지 마세요.

>>the verb [쓰다] is usually used with [신경] instead of [하다]  신경 쓰다

>>[신경 쓰다] is used more often (but not always) in the negative form as [신경 안 쓰다]
EX) 저는 돈에 대해 신경 안 써요 = I don’t care about money.

>>Can be used in a similar manner with [상관없다] which means “it doesn’t matter” or “it is irrelevant”
EX) 나는 네가 어디 가도 [신경 안 써] = 나는 네가 어디 가도 [상관없어] = I don’t care where you go / It doesn’t matter where you go.