Expression of the Week

Teacher: 혹시 공부 잘하냐?
Are you a good student?
Dae-cheol: 아뇨.
Teacher: 그렇지? 내 그럴 줄 알았어.
Of course. That’s what I thought.

그럴 줄 알았어. (That’s what I thought)

-~줄 알다 – “think”

Casual – 그럴 줄 알았어
Semi-polite – 그럴 줄 알았어요
Polite – 너무 속 끓이지 마세요

>>[그럴 줄 알았다] is a way of saying “I told you so” or “I knew it,” or “I knew this would happen.”

>> [~줄 알다] has different meaning depending on the tense. For example when used with present/past tense it is possible for “think”
Ex) 비가 오는 줄 알았다. = I thought it was raining.

>>[~줄 알다] paired with future tense means “can” or “have the ability to”
Ex) 저는 영어를 할 줄 알아요. = I know how to speak English.