Expression of the Week

Lina: 형사과장이 왜 그런 거짓발표를 한 걸까.
Why did the chief give such a false statement?
Dae-cheol: 뻔한 거 아니야.
Isn’t it obvious.

배후에 큰 덩어리가 움직인 거야.
There was something big moving behind the scenes.

뻔한 거 아니야 (Isn’t it obvious)

뻔하다 – (adj) evident; palpable; plain

Casual – 뻔한 거 아니야
Semi-polite – 뻔한 거 아니에요
Polite – 뻔한 거 아닙니까

>>[뻔하다] a situation or circumstances being so clear and apparent as to be understood even without careful consideration
Ex) 뻔한 거짓말 = obvious lie

>> common idiom with [뻔하다] = 불(을) 보듯 뻔하다
= be obvious [bright] as if seeing a fire  which means “to be sure without a doubt”