Expression of the Week

Dae-cheol: 그때 니 실적의 반을 내가 채워 준거야.
I filled up half of your performance record at that time.
그러니까 나 한번만 봐줘라, 어?
So, let me go just this once?
나쁜 놈만 혼내 주는 거야, 의도는 좋잖아.
I’m just punishing the bad guys. My intention is good.
그러니까 한번만 눈 감아줘, 어?
So, can you turn a blind eye, just this once?

한번만 눈 감아줘 (can you turn a blind eye, just this once.)

한번 – (noun) once; a certain time in the past
만 – just; a postpositional particle used when limiting the field to one thing, excluding all the others
눈 – (noun) eye; the sensory organ on the face of a person or animal that can see an object when stimulated by light
감다 – (verb) to close or to shut one’s eyes

Casual – 한번만 눈 감아줘
Semi-polite – 한번만 눈 감아줘요
Polite – 한번만 눈 감아주세요

>> [눈 감아주다] is similar to [모르는 척 하다] which means to turn a blind eye to or to overlook something

>> Other idiomatic expressions with [눈] or eye in it
ex) [눈이 높다] = to have overly high standards; to be too picky (especially about boyfriend/girlfriend)
[눈에 익다] = to feel like you’ve seen someone before, to recognize someone
[눈에 들다] = to strike one’s fancy; to be to one’s liking