Expression of the Week

동찬: 내가 오늘 아주 김마담한테 결정적인 실수를 했어.
I made a critical mistake to Madam Kim today.
민희: 왜? 왜?
What? Why?
아휴, 또 삼촌 또 막 무작정 막 또 들이댄 거지?
Oh dear, did you make moves on her again?
내가 말했잖아, 연애도 순서가 있다고.
I told you there’s an order to dating.
특히 여자들은 이 차츰차츰 다가가는 걸 좋아한다고.
Women especially like it when you get closer gradually.

차츰차츰 (gradually)

차츰차츰 – adverb meaning gradually, in the manner of progressing or changing little by

Casual or formal – 차츰차츰

>> [차츰차츰] can also be used as [차츰] which holds the same meaning “gradually” or “little by little as time goes by the change of state or level of something”
ex) [차츰(차츰) 나아지다] = improve gradually

>> synonyms could be [차차], [점차], [점점] which also mean gradually
ex) [그의 한국어 실력이 차차/점차/차츰/점점 나아졌다.] = His Korean skills improved gradually.