Expression of the Week

Lina: 너 오늘 나한테 술 한 잔 사야겠다. I think you owe me a drink today.
Dae-cheol: 어? Really?
Lina: 너 너무 안심하는 거 아니야. 난 너의 비밀을 알고 있어. Aren’t you a little too relaxed? I know your secret.
Dae-cheol: 알았어. 내가 살게. Okay. It’s on me.

내가 살게 (It’s on me.)

내 – a format of “나” (I) when the postposition particle “가” is attached to it
사다 – (v) to buy, purchase, get

Casual – 내가 살게
Semi-polite – 내가 살게요
Polite – 제가 사겠습니다

>> [내가 살게] = [it’s on me] or [it’s my treat]

>> the expression is commonly used to say you’ll be buying someone a meal or drinks

>> [내가 낼게] is also used often and means “I’ll get(pay for) the bill” when eating out together