Expression of the Week

Min-hee’s subordinate 1: 팀장님. Ma’am.
Min-hee’s subordinate 2: 아이고, 지금 정직이시잖아요. 쉬시지 뭐하러... Oh, you’re suspended right now. Why didn’t you rest…
Min-hee: 죄송하지만, 저 좀 도와주실 수 있습니까? I’m sorry but can you help me?

죄송하지만 (I’m sorry but)

죄송하다 – (adj) sorry
~만 – postpositional particle meaning “but”

Casual – 미안한데
Semi-casual – 미안하지만
Polite – 죄송하지만

>> [죄송합니다] is a more polite way of saying “I’m sorry.” A more casual way to say I’m sorry would be [미안해].

>> [~만] postpositional particle that is used when accepting the preceding content while also stating a question about it, a situation that contradicts it, etc.
(ex) 죄송하지만 저는 저녁 모임에 참석할 수 없어요. = I’m sorry but I can’t attend the dinner meeting.