Expression of the Week

Dae-cheol: 일어나십시오. Get up.
Ji-sook: 대철아, 이 엄마가 다 잘못했어. Dae-cheol, it was all my mistake.

잘못했어 (my mistake)

잘못 - n. fault, mistake, wrongdoing
잘못하다 – v. commit an error; blunder; misdo
했어 – casual, past tense form of verb “하다” which means “to do”

Casual – 잘못했어.
Semi-polite – 잘못했어요.
Polite – 잘못했습니다.

>> [잘못했어] can be literally translated to “I’ve done something wrong”

>> the expression is used when you have done something wrong and you are asking for forgiveness

>> the expression can also be used to say or mean “I’m sorry”