Expression of the Week

Dae-cheol: 서리나, 나 부탁이 있다. Lina, I have a favor to ask.
Lina: 뭔데? What is it?

부탁이 있다. (I have a favor to ask.)

부탁 – n. request, the act of asking someone to do something or entrusting someone with something
있다 – v. to have

Casual – 부탁이 있다
Semi-polite – 부탁이 있어요
Polite – 부탁이 있습니다

>> the meaning and usage for [부탁하다] can be diverse

>> other expressions using [부탁]
 [부탁을 들어주다] = to do someone a favor
 [간절한 부탁] = an earnest request
 [잘 부탁드립니다] = please take good care of this
 [부탁해] = please