Expression of the Week

Min-hee: 니가 짓지 않은 죄까지 전부 다 뒤집어 쓸 지도 모른다고. You might be charged with things that you didn’t even do. 너무 위험해. It’s too dangerous.
Dae-cheol: 그건 내가 알아서 할게. I’ll take care of it.

내가 알아서 할게 (I’ll take care of it.)

내가 – I will
알아서 하다 – to handle/take care of something oneself

Casual – 내가 알아서 할게
Semi-polite – 제가 알아서 할게요
Polite – 제가 알아서 하겠습니다

>> [알아서 하다] means ‘to handle/take care of something oneself’ because I know this “thing” and I can handle it

>> The expression can carry two different nuances depending on the tone or situation
1. I know what I’m doing so don’t nag me. (a bit aggressive)
2. Don’t worry. I can handle this. (trying to relieve the listener)