Expression of the Week

우현: 그치? 역시 우리 할머니 현실적이야 Right? I knew my Grandma would be realistic. 다녀오겠음 I’ll be back.
말숙: 오냐 Sure.
우현: 갔다 올게 I’ll be back later.

갔다 올게 (I’ll be back later)

가다 – to go
오다 – to come back

Casual – 갔다 올게
Polite – 다녀오겠습니다

>> [갔다 올게] is a common expression used when leaving a place that you intend to return to (ex. your home)

>>a common way [갔다 올게] could be used is when someone is leaving the home and is telling someone that will be staying that they are leaving. In that case the person that is staying at home would usually respond with [잘 다녀와]
Son: 학교 갔다 올게 [I’m leaving for school and will be back later.]
Mom: 잘 다녀와. [(Have a good time at school and) come back safe.]