Expression of the Week

Mom of Woo-hyun’s Friend: 마침 경찰서에 있다니깐 아주 잘됐네요. 가시죠.
He just happens to be at the police station so that’s perfect. Let’s go.
Mal-sook: 아니, 저... 얘, 기수야, 가게 좀 봐라.
Hey, Ki-soo. Can you watch the store for me?
Ki-soo: 아, 예... 조심해서 다녀오세요.
Oh, sure… Please return safely.

조심해서 다녀오세요 (Please return safely)

조심해서 – while being careful
다녀오다 – to return, to go and come back

Casual – 조심해서 갔다 와
Semi-polite – 조심해서 다녀와요
Polite – 조심해서 다녀오세요

>>[다녀오다] is similar to the expression [갔다 오다] but can be used in two different ways;
1) When the speaker is leaving and will return = [다녀오겠습니다]
2)When the speaker is staying and telling the person leaving to come back safely = [다녀오세요]

>>[조심해서 다녀오세요] can be thought of as the expression “please take care.” It is often used when the person leaving is going overseas for a short trip, leaving at a late hour, or going to a place where the speaker thinks can be a bit dangerous and will need to take care.