Expression of the Week

Woo-jin: 이름, 기억 안 나?
Your name… you don’t remember?
Seul-bi: 이슬
Woo-jin: 이슬? 아, 그럼... 성은?
Yi Seul? Ah, then what about your last name?
Woo-jin: 비? 비, 비... 비이슬, 비이슬? 아... 이슬비
Bi? Bi, Bi… Bi Yi Seul, Bi Yi Seul? Oh, Yi Seul Bi.
Seul-bi: 응... 슬비, 이슬비
Yeah… Seul-bi, Yi Seul-bi.

기억 안 나? (you don’t remember?)

기억 - memory
나다 – intransive verb meaning to occur, to cross one’s mind

Casual – 기억 안 나?
Semi-polite – 기억 안 나요?
Polite – 기억 안 나세요?

>>[기억나다] means “to remember something” and the negative forms is [기억(이) 나지 않다] or [기억(이) 안 나다] which means “don’t remember”

>>A similar expression to [기억이 안 나다] is [잊다] or more casually [까먹다] which means to forget

>>[기억나다] vs. [기억하다]
[기억나다] is used in a more passive tone when something you’ve forgotten suddenly comes to mind
 비밀번호가 갑자기 기억났어! = I just remembered the password!
[기억하다] is used when the speaker is actively remembering something
 내가 기억했던 비밀번호가 아닌데. = It’s not the password I remembered.