Expression of the Week

Ki-soo: 전학은 언제 오냐?
When are you transferring?
그냥 우리 학교로 와.
Just come to our school.
우리 학교가 여자애들 얼굴이 더 예술이야.
Our school has hotter girls.

예술이야 (hot)

예술 – art
예술이야 – (something) is a work of art

Casual – 예술이야.
Polite – 예술입니다.

>> [예술이야] is a slang expression used to describe something that is so great it is like a work of art. It can be used to describe various things such as the taste of food, skills, looks etc.
Ex) 그 선수 실력이 예술이야! = That athlete’s skills are incredible!

>> in the conversation Ki-soo says “여자애들 얼굴이 더 예술이야.” It can be literally translated as “the girls’ faces are like works of art (compared to the girls at your school).” However, it actually means “the girls are much prettier than the girls at your school.”