Expression of the Week

Woo-hyun: 슬비야.
Sung-yeol: 이슬비, 일어나봐.
Yi Seul-bi, wake up.
Woo-hyun & Sung-yeol: 괜찮아?
Are you okay?
Seul-bi: 배고파.
I’m hungry

배고파 (I’m hungry.)

배고프다 – to be hungry

Casual – 배고파
Semi-casual – 배고파요

>> one may think that the formal or polite expression for “배고파요” would be “배고픕니다” but it is rarely used that way

>> in the same way, you would not ask someone “배고프세요?”

>> rather, the expression “시장하다” is used when asking someone (usually an elder) if they are hungry in a formal, polite way
Ex) Are you hungry? = 시장하십니까?