Expression of the Week

Sung-ryul: 너도 오지랖 참 넓다.
You’re so meddlesome.
도와달라고도 안 했는데, 왜 왔냐?
I didn’t even ask for help but why are you here?
손도 아프면서.
Your hand is even hurting.
Woo-hyun: 덕분에 살았잖아.
I lived because of you.

오지랖 참 넓다 (You’re so meddlesome.)

오지랖 – the front part of an outer garment
참 – really, truly, very, so, very much, quite, extremely
넓다 – large, big, spacious, roomy

Casual – 오지랖 참 넓다

>>”오지랖 참 넓다” literally means the front part of the outer garment is wide, meaning it can cover other items of clothing.

>>The expression is used to describe someone who is excessively interested in someone else’s business, meddlesome or intrusive.

>>To use in a verb form, you can say “오지랖 떨다” or “오지랖 부리다”