Expression of the Week

Seul-bi: 여기 이상한 거 탄 거 아니지?
You didn’t put anything strange in this, did you?
드라마에서 보면, 꼭 착한 애들한테 이런 거 먹이더라.
In dramas, they always make good people eat this kind of stuff.
Woo-hyun: 그건 착한 애들이나 걱정할 일이고.
That’s what good people should worry about.
넌, 그냥 먹어.
You should just eat.
아무 문제없어요.
There’s nothing wrong with it.

아무 문제없어요 (There’s nothing wrong with it.)

아무 – a determiner meaning any or no in a negative statement
문제 – problem or issue
없다 – does not exist

Casual – 아무 문제없어.
Semi-polite – 아무 문제없어요.
Polite – 아무 문제없습니다.

>> [문제없다] literally means “there is no problem”, but it can also be used to mean “it’s okay,” “no worries.”

>>[문제없이] means “easily” or “without difficulty”

>> [아무] is a determiner that can be used in both negative and positive statements meaning anyone, anybody, any person etc.