Expression of the Week

Man: 공짜로 줬는데, 우리 인사는 하고 가야지.
We got it for free. We should at least say thank you.
어, 그래, 그래, 그래, 맛있게 먹어.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, enjoy.
녹기 전에 먹어.
Have it before it melts.
어, 그래.

맛있게 먹어. (Enjoy the meal, food etc.)

맛있게 – deliciously
먹다 – to eat
-먹어 – casual imperative form of “to eat”

Casual – 맛있게 먹어
Semi-polite – 맛있게 먹어요
Formal – 맛있게 드세요

>> [맛있게 먹어] is an imperative phrase literally meaning “eat deliciously”

>>The expression is commonly used to tell someone to enjoy their meal, meaning “bon appetite”

>>When speaking politely, use the honorific form of [먹다] which is [드시다] to say [맛있게 드세요]