Expression of the Week

Woo-hyun: 너 아프면 가게 일은 다 내가 해야 돼.
If you get sick I have to do all the work at the store.
그리고 또 학교도 나 혼자 가야 되잖아.
And, I have to go to school alone again.
안 돼. 절대 아프지 마.
I won’t have it. You can’t get sick.

아프지 마 (You can’t get sick)

아프다 – sick, hurt, or ill
~하지 마 - don’t do something (imperative form)

Casual – 아프지 마
Semi-formal – 아프지 마요
Formal – 쾌차하세요

>> [아프지 마] literally means “don’t be hurt or “don’t be sick” and can also be used to tell someone who is sick to feel better soon.

>> To tell someone to get better from sickness in a formal way, you can say [쾌차하세요].