Expression of the Week

Woo-hyun: 어떻게 왔어?
Why are you here?
Seul-bi: 성열이가 너 바쁘다고 도와주라고 했어.
Sung-yeol said you were busy so I should help you.
Woo-hyun: 거짓말도 얼굴에 다 티 난다.
Your face is showing you’re lying.

얼굴에 다 티 난다 (It all shows on your face)

얼굴 – face, or the look on one’s face
다 – all, everything
티 – a trace, a certain attitude or hint
나다 – form; show

Casual – 얼굴에 다 티 난다
Semi-casual – 얼굴에 다 티 나요

>> [얼굴에 다 티 난다] literally means “(a trace or hint) shows on your face” and is used in circumstances when you can tell everything (that has happened) by the expression on someone’s face, even when they are trying to hide it.

>> A similar expression is the idiom [얼굴에 씌어 있다] which literally means “to be written on one’s face.” The expression means one’s mental state such as feelings, mood, etc., is obviously revealed on one’s face.

>> [티를 내다] means “to show” or “to give off a sense of”
EX) 그는 나를 좋아하는 티를 낸다. “He’s showing signs (it’s obvious) that he likes me.”