Expression of the Week

Jin-gook: 무슨 소리야, 이런 건 남자가 내야지.
이리 줘, 내가 낼게.
What are you talking about? The guy should get the bill.
Here, let me take care of it.
Yeon-ae: 남자, 여자가 어디 있어, 둘 다 학생인데.
그럼 더치페이 하자, 깔끔하게.
It shouldn’t matter who gets the bill. We’re both students.
Let’s go Dutch. It’s simpler that way.

더치페이 하자 (Let’s go Dutch.)

더치페이 – “Dutch-pay,” a slang/Konglish term meaning “split the bill” or “paying for one’s share of a bill”
~하자 – Let’s do something

Casual – 더치페이 하자.
Semi-polite – 더치페이 하(시)죠.

>> [더치페이] a slang or “Konglish” term that originated from “Dutch treat” that means to “go Dutch” where each person pays only their part of the total payment.

>>Another way to say [더치페이 하자] would be [각자 내자] meaning “let’s pay individually”