Expression of the Week

Ki-dae: 계산이요.
Can I get the bill?
Sae-rom: 오빠, 여기 되게 괜찮다.
오빠 덕분에 이런 데도 와보고, 나 완전 감동했어.
Ki-dae, this place is really nice.
I’m really moved, coming to such a nice place thanks to you.

계산이요 (Can I get the bill?)

계산 – (n.) paying; picking up the tab

Semi-casual – 계산이요
Polite – 계산하겠습니다.

>> [계산] commonly means “calculation” but it can also describe the act of paying for one’s purchase or bearing the expense of something (for example, a meal)

>> The expression is most commonly used when eating out and you call the owner or server to pay for the meal

>>Another expression that is used when someone wants to pick up the tab after a meal is [제가 낼게요/내가 낼게] which means “I’ll pay”