Expression of the Week

Jin-gook : 나... 너처럼 연애하고 싶다.
연애... 너랑...
이 말 하려고 왔어.
I want to fall in love…like you.
Fall in love…with you…
I came here to tell you this.
Yeon-ae: 나도 할 말 있는데.
I have something to say to you, too.

할 말 있는데 (I have something to say)

할 말 – something to say
있다 – existent; existing

Casual – 할 말 있는데
Formal/Polite – 드릴 말씀이 있습니다

>> adding ㄹ/을 to a verb and attaching it before a noun makes the verb “describe” the noun in the future tense
Ex) 갈 곳 = the place that I will go
할 일 – the thing that I will do
할 말 = the speech that I will do = something to say

>>”할” can also be used together with “수” to express ability
Ex) ~할 수 있다 = can do it
공부할 수 있어 = I can study

>> You can also use the word “얘기” which means “story” instead of “말” which means “speech or words”
Ex) 할 얘기 있는데 = I have something to say