Expression of the Week

Ki-dae: 아무리 여름이라도 밤에는 바닷바람 꽤 차다, 너.
거기다가 여자 친구 찬바람 쌩쌩 불지, 몸살까지 얻어걸렸지.
It’s still summer but the ocean breeze is quite chilly at night, you know.
Things are icy with the girlfriend, and I’m coming down with the flu.
Yeon-ae: 나도 몸살 났어.
I’m aching all over, too.

몸살 났어 (I’m aching all over)

몸살 – n. body aching all over
나다 – v. to form, happen, occur or develop
A verb used to express a development of a phenomenon or disease in one’s body

Casual – 몸살 났어.
Polite – 몸살 났습니다.

>> [몸살] is often used with the Korean word for cold, “감기,” as [몸살감기] to refer to more serious cold symptoms similar to the flu such as body aches and chills

>> When you feel a cold or illness coming on, you can use the expression [몸살기]
Ex) 몸살기가 있어 집에 일찍 들어와 쉬었다. = I felt a cold coming on so I went home early to rest.

>>other useful expressions for sickness
Ex) 열 = fever, 오한 = chills, 두통 – headache, 소화불량 - indigestion