Expression of the Week

Se-rom : 오늘 이벤트 나 생각하고 준비한 거 맞아?
Did he really prepare this event thinking about me?
Se-rom’s friend: 프러포즈 받았어?
뭐 받았어?
어떻게 받았어?
Did he say he likes you?
What did you get?
How did he say it?
Se-rom : 정말 자존심 상해.
My pride was injured.

자존심 상해 (My pride was injured)

자존심 – pride; self-respect
상하다 – be hurt; be injured

Casual – 자존심 상해
Polite – 자존심 상해요

>> [상하다] is a verb commonly used to describe a situation where something is hurt, damaged or spoiled. The verb can also be used with feelings and emotions such as “자존심” which means pride or “마음” which means heart or feelings to express hurt.

>> [자존심이 세다] or [자존심이 강하다] is a common expression used to describe someone who is strong-willed person who has too much self-respect

>>[프러포즈] comes from the English term “proposal” as in “marriage proposal” but in Korea, the expression is used more often to refer to a situation when someone professes their love to someone or asks someone out