Expression of the Week

Bok-nyeo : 개룡녀는 싫어요.
I don’t like rags to riches stories.
없는 집안에서 아등바등 공부해서 성공한 여자 딱 질색이에요.
I find a woman with a humble background who struggled to study and succeed detestable.
나는 그런 여자애를 며느리로 맞고 싶은 생각 전혀 없어요.
I don’t want to have such a woman as a daughter-in-law

딱 질색이에요. (detestable)

딱 – an adverb meaning really, in a manner of one hating something
질색하다 – verb meaning to dislike intensely

반갑습니다 – (adj.) a greeting meaning nice to meet you

Casual – 딱 질색이야.
Polite – 딱 질색이에요.

>> “질색이에요” is a stronger expression for “hate.” In the context “딱 질색이에요” means I really find it detestable or I really can’t stand it.

>>In the dialogue, “개룡녀” is a (incorrect) reference to “개천용” which is short for “개천에서 난 용.”

>>”개천에서 난 용” refers to the idiom “개천에서 용 난다” which literally means “a dragon rises from a small stream” and is used to describe a great person with humble beginnings. The English equivalent of this expression would be “from rags to riches.”