Motherhood is something so beautiful and selfless. However, that strong, instinctive maternal love can bring harm to those who get in the mother’s way. This drama is a story of maternal love. There are two mothers who have a strong bond with their children. Hong Ji-won joins hands with the devil to save her son. She gives up everything she has for him: her life and all her money. And, because of her great affection for her child, she finds herself in conflict with Son Yeo-ri who is also a mother. The two women go head to head, all in the name of motherhood.


Son Yeo-ri (cast: Oh Ji-eun)
Yeori was adopted by a millionaire right after her father's death. As there's no such thing as a free lunch, she has to pay for her perfect life. She's the only person available to help her step brother in need of a bone marrow transplant. But, to protect her baby, she has to refuse it. She becomes no longer welcomed in the family. So she runs away from home. She ends up in prison.

Hong Ji-won (cast: Bae Jong-ok)
Ji-won waited for years to have her first baby. And, she finally gives birth. It's a boy. But, when she finds out that he's diagnosed with leukemia, her world falls apart. Then, she hears that Yeo-ri is identified as a possible bone marrow match for him. She lets herself be evil in order to keep her family safe.

Gu Do-chi (cast: Park Yun-jae)
Dochi is the only heir to take over the family business. To see his sick nephew, he comes back to Korea. And, he can't go back because he doesn't want to take a flight again. He's spent his life hiding from the bullets flying his way. Now, he has to take some action.

Kim Mu-yeol (cast: Seo Ji-seok)
Muyeol is Yeori's first love. They've known each other since childhood. But, he betrays her for a better life. He ends up making a very selfish choice.