The story of love and affection among people told through the stories of different mothers and their children. "Love Returns" is a human drama that follows Eun-jo who blossoms into life in the process of losing everything and starting over.

Pyo Ye-jin as Gil Eun-jo, an expert at distinguishing who was born to do what she does
Lee Sung-yeol as Hong Seok-pyo, major shareholder of Genius Cosmetics but now a low-ranking employee at the company
Lee Dong-ha as Byon Bu-shik, a lawyer who desperately wants so succeed
Han Hye-rin as Jung In-woo, an intern at the Genius Beauty Center

▲ Lee Dong-ha, Han Hye-rin, Pyo Ye-jin, Lee Sung-yeol

The love and hate that grows among broken families.
Premiers November 13, 2017 / Airs Monday-Friday 8:25 p.m.