KBS' remake of the popular American drama series of the same title which is currently in its seventh season

Intense courtroom action between a distinguished lawyer and a legal genius without a law degree

Park Hyung-sik plays Go Yeon-woo, a genius rookie lawyer with an excellent memory
Go also has empathy that can put anyone's guard down,
but life has not been easy for him.

Jang Dong-gun plays Choi Gang-seok, a legendary lawyer who wins trials without even setting foot in the courtroom
The star player of law firm Kang & Ham, Choi is in control and on a path to success.
However, he makes a decision that he cannot revoke.
He hires Go who is a genius, but has no law degree and no legal background as his rookie lawyer.

Choi, who had been leading the perfect life until then, starts to falter.

Go Yeon-woo played by Park Hyung-sik
Choi Gang-seok played by Jang Dong-gun

"A choice, not coincidence is what determines fate."
Premiers April 25 at 10 p.m. / Airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. (16 episodes)