An official of South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff(JCS) said Friday that the military is closely watching North Korea amid the possibility the North could conduct another nuclear test around Saturday when it will mark the 105th birthday of its founder Kim Il-sung.
When asked if the North could conduct a nuclear test on Saturday, the JCS’s press chief Roh Jae-chun said the North could conduct another nuclear test at any time. However, he was quick to add that currently, no particular signs of a North Korean provocation have been detected.
Both South Korean and U.S. military authorities have assessed that the North could carry out another nuclear test at any time at the North and South Portals of its Punggye-ri nuclear test site in North Hamgyong Province.
Earlier on Thursday, CNN reported the North Korean nuclear facility is primed and ready for a sixth nuclear test, citing commercial satellite imagery from a U.S. Web site monitoring North Korea.