The Korea Railroad Corporation(KORAIL) unveiled on Wednesday that it will begin operating a bilevel KTX bullet train on a trial basis before the end of the year.
Hyundai Rotem has completed producing the train's frame and is currently in the process of manufacturing parts. It plans to roll out two double-decker train cars around August.
Once the bilevel rail cars are completed, the Korea Railroad Research Institute will assess their running safety and KORAIL will connect them onto the KTX-Sancheon high-speed train and conduct test runs until November.
KORAIL, Hyundai Rotem and the Korea Railroad Research Institute are aiming to operate the bilevel train from 2023 after some 60 months of production.
The bilevel KTX’s key strength is its high passenger capacity. The new train will be able to accommodate four times the number of passengers that the KTX-Sancheon can carry. Compared to the KTX-1, the bilevel train will be able to carry more than double the number of passengers, or up to 14-hundred.