The Navy’s destroyer, Daejoyeong, will participate in a large-scale antipiracy exercise in waters near Geoje Island off South Gyeongsang Province on Friday.

The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries said Thursday that the exercise will also see the participation of a 17-thousand-ton merchant ship, a Lynx helicopter, rigid-inflatable boats and roughly 350 people, including soldiers.
The exercise will be based on the scenario of a South Korean merchant ship being hijacked by pirates in waters off Somalia. The exercise will begin with an SOS call being made followed by the firing of warning shots at pirate ships, confirming the hijacking situation, cracking down on the pirates and rescuing the ship’s crew.
The four-thousand-400-ton Daejoyeong is set to be deployed to the Gulf of Aden on May second as part of  a multinational naval partnership to protect shipping lanes from piracy and terrorism.