Anchor: The UN Security Council(UNSC) has demanded that North Korea conduct no further nuclear tests in a statement released on Thursday. The warning comes as a separate UN report revealed that the North is making rapid advancements in developing submarine-launched ballistic missiles(SLBM).
Our Alannah Hill has more.

Report: The UN Security Council(UNSC) has demanded that North Korea conduct no further nuclear tests and warned that another provocation by the North could be met with an additional set of international sanction measures on the regime.

The warning was made as the UN body on Thursday unanimously adopted a statement strongly condemning Pyongyang over its botched ballistic missile test last Sunday.

While denouncing the launch as a clear violation of the existing council resolutions, the 15 UNSC members agreed to “continue to closely monitor the situation and take further significant measures, including sanctions, in line with the Council’s previously expressed determination.”

The US-drafted statement was agreed upon after Russia insisted that the final text included language that stressed the need to achieve a peaceful solution through dialogue.

It is the fifth time this year the UNSC issued a statement denouncing missile tests by the North. Previous statements have only warned of further measures, while the latest text makes specific mention of actions, a sign that the council is taking a tougher stance.  

The warning came as a separate UN report revealed that North Korea is now closer to being able to launch multiple missiles simultaneously from a single submarine.

The report said North Korea is making rapid progress in advancing technologies regarding submarine-launched ballistic missiles(SLBM) and missile-firing submarines.

The report was drafted by a panel of experts who conducted research on the Gorae-class North Korean submarine from which the regime previously launched an SLBM, called KN-11.

In regard to this revelation the report called on the UN member states to avoid exporting dual-use commercial items that could bolster the regime’s submarine missile program.
Alannah Hill, KBS World Radio News.