The government has expressed deep concerns and regret as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe again sent ritual offerings to the Yasukuni war shrine.
Foreign Ministry Spokesman Cho June-hyuck on Friday addressed Abe's move that came alongside other key Japanese politicians' visit to the war shrine earlier in the day.
While noting that Yasukuni honors A-Class war criminals, the spokesman said that the government is deeply concerned over the fact Japanese politicians are glorifying the nation's colonial invasions and aggressive war.
He added that a responsible political leader in Japan must squarely face history and humbly reflect on the past to show sincere remorse through actions.
According to Japanese media, Abe didn’t visit the shrine but did send a "masakaki" tree offering on the first day of the annual spring festival Friday morning.
A group of 90 lawmakers from both the ruling and opposition camps also visited the controversial site in central Tokyo on Friday.