The Unification Ministry said Thursday that it is preparing for the possibility that South Korean and U.S. leaders will discuss resuming operations of the Gaeseong Industrial Complex during their summit set to open next month in Washington.
A ministry official made the disclosure to reporters when asked if the government is preparing to discuss resuming tours to Mount Geumgang in North Korea or operations of the Gaeseong complex during the upcoming summit. 
Last month during a debate organized by the Korea Broadcasting Journalists Club, Moon, who was then a presidential candidate, said that Seoul could resume the Mount Geumgang tours and reopen the industrial complex if North Korea freezes its nuclear weapons program and comes to the negotiating table to discuss denuclearization.
The official expressed caution over exaggerated interpretation, saying the Gaeseong complex issue has not been set as a topic for the summit and that ministry officials are making working-level preparations as civil servants.
Meanwhile, some in the U.S. are said to be concerned that the Moon Jae-in government, which emphasizes cooperation with the North, will undermine international pressure on the regime by resuming operations of the Gaeseong complex despite UN sanctions.