Debate on a constitutional revision, which was put on hold during the presidential election period, is likely to become heated again. The speculation comes as President Moon Jae-in revealed intentions to include the spirit of the May 18th Gwangju Democratization Movement in the Constitution.
Ahead of attending a ceremony on Thursday marking the 37th anniversary of the Gwangju Democratization Movement, Moon wrote in a register for visitors to the May 18th National Cemetery. He wrote that he will uphold the history that he has kept in his heart by including it in the Constitution, reaffirming intentions for a constitutional revision.  
During his presidential campaign, Moon pledged to amend the Constitution with efforts focused on dispersing the powers of the president by introducing a four-year presidential term, a presidential runoff system and by delegating more power to the prime minister.  
Moon had vowed to finalize a bill for amending the Constitution by early next year, have it gain parliamentary approval before being subject to a referendum during local elections in June and implement the revision from the 2022 presidential election.
However, the presidential office said that collecting the people’s opinion on the matter must come first as a special committee on constitutional amendment is already in operation in the National Assembly.