An authorized Japanese textbook has been discovered that demonstrates that Japan did not recognize South Korea’s easternmost islets of Dokdo as its territory in the late 19th century.
Professor Han Cheol-ho from Dongguk University’s Department of History Education on Monday unveiled the part related to the islets in a geography textbook compiled in 1886 by Matsutaro Okamura. Han made the disclosure during a monthly presentation organized by the Seoul-based Northeast Asian History Foundation’s Institute of Dokdo Research last Thursday.
Okamura graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1875 and served as a teacher in private teachers’ schools and as a principal in elementary schools until the early 1910s.
In the textbook that he compiled, Japan’s boundary is colored in red in the map showing Asia. In the map, Okinawa, Tsushima, Hokkaido and the Kuril Islands are all colored in red.
However, waters around South Korea’s Ulleung Island and Dokdo are not included as Japanese territory on the map.