Five downtown buses in Seoul will operate for some 50 days carrying peace statues commemorating victims of Japan's wartime sex slavery to mark a memorial day for these victims that falls on August 14th.
A related official said the peace statues will be installed inside the blue buses numbered 151 which connect Ui-dong in Seoul's Gangbuk District and Heukseok-dong in Dongjak District.
The official said the buses carrying the statues will run from Monday to September 30th under the theme of "a girl's lost dream." 
The official said that as this year marks the fifth annual International Memorial Day for Victims of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery, five statues will be placed in five buses. 
The couple who made bronze girl statues produced replicas using light weight synthetic resin especially for the bus project out of safety concerns.
Following this event, the synthetic statues will be moved to the five actual statue sites in Daejeon, Jeonju, Daegu, Busan and Mokpo during the Chuseok Korean thanksgiving holiday, under the theme of "returning home," and will stand next to the real statues.