Famous American columnist Thomas Friedman has criticized President Donald Trump over his recent actions, saying the U.S. should not be impulsive on the North Korea issue and should not try to "get out of it the short way." 

In an op-ed in the New York Times on Friday, Friedman criticized that a serious president would not be leveling unscripted threats at North Korea—uncoordinated with his secretaries of state and defense and unconnected to any larger strategy.

He said a serious president doesn't harm American-Chinese relations but also doesn’t discard 70 years of post-World War II American leadership in that region, waiting for China to rescue the United States.

Friedman pointed out that for North Korea’s ruling Kim family of three generations, firing a nuclear missile at the U.S. would be suicide.

He said the North Korean regime sees that its choice is very simple—It can have either nuclear weapons or endless poverty that will eventually sap its strength from within.

Friedman assured that "time is on our side" and noted that North Korea is “a foe with one strength and many profound and eventually fatal weaknesses.”

He urged for deterring North Korea's strength and exacerbating its weaknesses by being smart, not hysterical.