New data finds that last year the Korean Peninsula saw nearly six times more earthquakes than 2015.
According to data obtained by Representative Lee Man-hee of the main opposition Liberty Korea Party from the Ministry of the Interior and Safety on Tuesday, the number of earthquakes that occurred on the Korean Peninsula in 2016 stood at 252. That’s an increase of five-point-seven times compared to 2015 which saw 44 quakes.
North Gyeongsang Province experienced the most number of quakes with 185. North Hwanghae Province came in second with 13 followed by Jeju with eleven, South Gyeongsang Province with seven and Ulsan and South Chuncheong with six, respectively.
The data found that despite the frequency of quakes, only about 44 percent of public buildings in South Korea were qualified as earthquake-resistant as of the end of last year.
According to the data, only some 23 percent of all schools were deemed earthquake-proof, or the lowest percentage among all types of buildings that had been built or reinforced to withstand quakes.
Representative Lee stressed the need to swiftly reinforce public facilities to withstand earthquakes.