The main opposition Liberty Korea Party’s(LKP) reform committee has recommended that former President Park Geun-hye voluntarily leave the party, but the party’s chairman Hong Joon-pyo said discussions on the matter will be made around the ruling of her first trial.
Unveiling a list of steps the party should take, the committee also recommended on Wednesday that pro-Park heavyweights Rep. Suh Chung-won and Rep. Choi Gyung-hwan defect from the party.
In an apparent move to appease party members loyal to the former president, Hong said the committee’s proposals are only recommendations. He said a discussion on executing the recommendations will be made around the ruling on October 17th.  

Park already had her party member rights suspended following her indictment in April on corruption charges.
The LKP may expel a member if they don't leave within ten days of being informed of a voluntary exit recommendation.